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Raingutter Regatta
Saturday, TBA!
Registration  TBA
Please see reg. fee listed below

In the interest of fairness, we have the following rules and all sailboats should meet these common specifications:

~The boat must be newly built for the current Cub Scouting year. The scout should substantially build the boat. LET THE BOYS DO IT! Parental supervision in the construction of the boat is encouraged. The boat should be assembled from B.S.A. Raingutter Regatta Kit parts ONLY. Additional decals, paint, and glue are permitted. There are no restrictions on color or design.

~However the materials supplied in the kit can be modified and added to somewhat.

~The hull, mast, and sail provided in the kit must be used, however, they can be modified.

~No weight limit

~Mast can not exceed 6 inches from deck to top of mast.

~The sail may be glued to the mast or held in place in some other fashion.

~Hull (Overall length from bow to stern including rudder) may be no longer than 7 inches and not shorter than 6 inches.

~The boat must have a single Hull. All catamarans will be disqualified. Hull width not to exceed 4.

~The sail must be the one supplied in the kit. The sail may be trimmed and shaped, but may not be larger then the material supplied in the kit.

~Overall width shall not exceed 1.875 inches.

~The keel and rudder must be used without modification. They maybe glued anywhere on the bottom of the boat, but can not exceed 7 inches in overall length.

~Straws may NOT be used for propulsion.

Inspection-Each boat must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Committee before it may compete. The inspectors have the right to disqualify any boat that does not meet theses specifications.  If, at registration, a boat does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the official registration period to correct the problem. After finial approval, boats will not be reinspected unless the boat is damaged in handling or in a race/ Boats can not be modified after inspection, unless the boat is damaged in handling or in a race.

~Once the boat is registered, the boat may not be touched except by the judge.

~If loser of a race touches his car during a race he will be given a warning, if he touches it again in another race he will be disqualified. If the winner of a race touches his boat during t eh race, there will be a re-race and he will be warned. If he touches his boat again during the competition, he will be disqualified.

Boats not registered the evening of registration DO NOT RACE!!

~Any unsportsman like conduct by the scout or parent will be grounds for immediate disqualification. Any unsportsman like conduct of ANYONE attending the race including scouts and parents will be asked to leave the premises. CHEERING is very much welcome!!

~In the event that a scout cannot attend the Pack Raingutter Regatta, another scout of the same rank may race the boat for him.

~Boys, when called to race, place boat in gutter and place one hand in front of their sail holding the boat back against the end of the gutter, they hold the straw in their mouths with the other hand and get ready to blow on the word "GO" from the judges.

~Racing will be double elimination. You must lose twice to be eliminated from further competition.

~All sailors blow into their sails to move their boat along the course. The first boat to the finish line wins the race.

~When racing boys are allowed to "upright" their boats with their hands, but, cannot push the boats forward when doing so. We will give one warning and run the particular race over if one boy pushes his boat ahead AND that boat wins. We will have to eliminate a boy from racing if he pushes his boat on the restart of a race. We don't want to eliminate a boy from racing!

~No contestant can be assisted by anyone on the racecourse, other then cheering. The Cub may not be lifted, pushed, or guided down the raceway. If this happens, the contestant will be disqualified.



There will be NO Pack Overall Race.

Racers will be racing in Cub Rank races.

There will be NO FAMILY RACE.

 The following is a list of items that residents at the nursing home would benefit from and enjoy, PLEASE BRING AN ITEM (S) FOR YOUR REG. FEE:

hair picks
hair brush
handsize mirrors
body powder
body wash
shower gel
nail polish/remover
bedroom slippers
non-skid socks
slipper socks
nail clippers
pudding cups
snack cakes
sugar-free candy and snacks
It would be nice to send a card or hand made card from each cub scout with your item



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