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Cub Scouts Pack 2 - Clifton Forge, Va.
Popcorn & Peanut Rules
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POPCORN & PEANUT CHAIRMAN FOR 2005-2006 IS Vernon, Chris & Den #2
RULES 2005-2006
1. Sale begins Sept. 17 (You may start to sell as soon as you get your order forms in the mail.)
2. Prizes earned are based on individual Scout's sales and NO combining of sales with other Scouts is permitted.
3. Turn you prize order in when you turn in your popcorn order. Unit leaders will record prize orders from Scouts on the Official Trail's End prize order form and turn in the forms with the unit's popcorn order.
4. Prizes will be received by your unit-leader for distribution. The Trail's End $1,500 winner prizes will be sent to the Scout's home.
5. All orders eran points as follows:
    1 point:   11 oz Caramel Corn
                    All 20 oz Peanuts
    2 points: 15-Pack Microwaves
                    All 40 oz Peanuts
    3 points: 24 oz Chocolate Carmel  Crunch
                    26 oz Gourmet Caramel Corn
    4 points:  3 Way Gift Tin
                    30-Pack Microwave
    5 points:  5-Way Chocolate Lovers Tin
   10 points: Case of 10oz Salted or Butter Toast Peanuts.
6. All who earn 2 or more points choose a pin OR patch.
7. Select (1) prize from the total point level you achieve.
    Exception: If your total sales places you in the 50 points or higher level you may choose one prize from any two diffrent lower prize levels, but CANNOT add up to more than your point prize level amount. (Prizes for point levels 12, 25, 40 point level must be restricted to the level earned or one prize from a lower level.) 
8. The Trail's End Scholarship ($2,500 level) and their $50 Wal-Mart or Toys' R Us gift card, $50 Coleman Camping Web Gift Card, $50 Trails End Games & Gadget Web Gift Card ($1,500 level) are for POPCORN SALES ONLY. Special forms must be completed and sent by Unit P&P Chairman and sent to Council). These prizes will be sent to the Scout's home.
9. Note: In addition to actual prizes a Scout also has a choice at most levels between Scout Bucks, Toy's R Us Gift Card, and Wal-Mart Gift Card.
10. Trail's End Fill Up and Win:  If a Scout Completely fills out his POPCORN ORDER FORM he can send a PHOTO COPY of it directly to Trails End and receive a special certificate and patch.
Additional Prize Incentives for Youth
NEW-Council Wide
Top Seller - Columbia Mountain Bike
2nd Top Seller - 5 Person Tent
3rd Top Seller  - MP3 Player
4th Top Seller - Binocular with build in digital camera
5th Top Seller - 4 in 1 Lantern
1. Stonewall Jackson Area Council
    A. Top Three Salesmen in each District with minimum $900 sales will receive an additional prize of : 1st place - $75, 2nd place-$50, 3rd place- $35.
    B. All youth with sales over $900 will be entered into a council-wide drawing for a $100 prize.
2. Weaver Popcorn Incentive for Popcorn Sales Only
    A. For sales of $1,500 or more- $50 Wal-Mart card or Toy's R Us Gift card.
   B. For $2,500 in sales qualify for money for college or trade school.
TURN IN YOUR ORDER FORMS AND PRIZE SELECTION ON TBA at my Home. Call or email for directions.
~Pick up Popcorn & Peanut orders Sat. Nov. 12...All orders must be picked up at this time unless other arrangements were made ahead of time.
Popcorn & Peanut Money due TBA in Cub Scout Room.